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Vegetable Shopping

Restart Social Supermarket operates to support families on low incomes living in Royal Deeside as they look for a fresh start financially.

How Does It Work?

We operate on a membership basis, with qualifying members being entitled to order food, toiletries, and household items every week with an estimated retail price of up to £10 for each person in their family. 


We operate mostly on an online basis, with goods being reserved by members through logging in to the "Shop" section above. Delivery is then arranged by phone following an order having been placed. 

As such we offer a discrete and convenient solution for those in our community who are facing financial difficulties. 

Membership fees are based on the number of people in your family, and are currently set at £2 per person per week. Occasionally  membership fees may be waived or reduced for a period depending on circumstances.


As a member you are entitled to goods with an estimated retail price of £10 each week for each family member.


For example a family of 4 would be entitled to goods with a recommended retail price of £40 every week for a subscription of £8.

What Is The Cost?

How Do I  Apply?

Membership is intended for those in low or no income households, but other exceptional circumstances will be considered, with applications being assessed by Deeside Compassion on a case by case basis.  

In most circumstances membership will be restricted to a period of up to 6 months, during which time members will be expected to engage with other suitable programs offered by Deeside Compassion, for example those which are intended to resource individuals with the skills needed to survive on low incomes.

However, on a temporary basis the 6 month time restriction and the expectation to engage are suspended due to COVID-19.


An application can be made by completing the form available on the Apply page.

Membership Information
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